About Me

Art can be pretty, but good design doesn’t just look good, it is also highly functional.

I like solving problems

(and breaking things)

I broke a lot of things growing up, not because I was destructive, but because I had to know how they worked, and after a few too many accidental electrocutions, I moved from breaking physical things to digital things.

Nothing is more rewarding to me then to sit down and run throughb a problem. Trying to see all sides of it, understanding the intricacies of it, then coming up with a solution that not only solves the problem but also saves time and money.

If you have a problem that needs a digital solution, I would love to talk to you about it to see how I can help!


Visual Development

eCommerce Setup

User Experience


Website Audits


Web Automation

My Story

I love business, and I love the internet!

While studying in my early 20’s, I worked for one of Australia’s best franchises at Harvey Norman. He taught me so much about what it is to run and succeed in small business. I have since spent my career helping businesses grow and thrive in person and online.

Throughout my career in Tech, I have worked in Australia and the UK helping businesses come up with technical solutions to their problems. Working with solopreneurs & SME’s to large multi-national organisations, helping them bring their vision to life either internally or the broader public.

I now combine my skills in Tech and Business to help small businesses and eCommerce website owners throughout Australia all while being based in regional Victoria.

My design rules

(some kind of text here)

I have a few tried and tested rules when it comes to designing beautifully clean and highly functional websites.
Although, some rules are meant to be broken 😈


Less is more...

This rule comes from my photography background. I love simple compositions, subtracting everything that isn't necessary to get the message across and remove any distractions or elements that don't add to the overall story. This is a principal that I have brought across to my web design work.


Why have something pretty if it doesn't do anything?

Art for art's sake isn't something that goes well on a website that is trying to convert visitors to customers. So making sure that all design decisions serve a purpose more than just looking good is fundamental to a well optimised website.

But we still have to get across your personality and have a bit of fun wherever we can.

Extra Mile

Under promise and overdeliver.

It has always seemed like a bit of a weird and scammy way of saying go the extra mile for your client, but I always try and add extra value to a project wherever I can. From adding in extra imagery when the client can't source their own, to making sure the copy (text) is a well optimised for their market as it can be.

Something else

Heh, I couldn't think of a fourth.... but the grid looks better with 4 items in it, doens't it?! 😄

Photo of Liam, owner of Rework Digital

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