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I can help you build an beautiful, engaging and most importantly, functional online store that will make it so easy for your customer to buy your goods.

I believe in removing as much friction from the sales process as possible so there is no reason for a customer to leave your store without purchasing something.

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I do Web Design


Just because you don't sell products doesn't mean you aren't selling something. The same principles of product marketing still apply to service-based websites.

Whether you want to attract new clients to your chiropractic clinic or get the word out about your new not-for-profit, you still need a clean, effective website that gets the point across quickly and looks good doing it.

Website Design | Rework Digital

My Approach

(When it comes to web design)

All my projects are a little bit different, kinda like me 😊, but they can all be broken down into a similar workflow that has been proven to work time and time again.

Discovery & Design

I will dig in and start researching your niche. With that research in hand I will then jump on over to my design software and let my creative juices flow on the first round of drafts. Once I have this we will meet up to run through the designs, making sure I am hitting all the required points and most importantly, you are happy with the visuals. Depending on if there are any revisions needed we may catch up a couple of times during this stage.


Once you have signed off on the design of the website, I get nerdy and start building your website. Depending on the complexity of the build it can take a little time, but rest assured I'll be feverishly working in the background putting together your dream online oasis.


After I have nerded out and built your website, we will run it through the wringer, testing every facet of the website to make sure looks good on all platforms and, of course, that it works. Once we are happy with that, we will catch up again where I will run you through some training on how to use your new website and then we can go live.

"We had Liam redesign out website on Shopify and we went from having a confusing ordering system to a straight forward and seamless way for our customers to order our Coffee. We now have regular online orders and happily caffeinated customers."

Olivia Darcy



Piccolo Coffee Roasters

"We had Liam make our website, which we needed to link up with our programs we use in our industry. We found Liam to be very professional, and knowledgeable when it comes to computers and programs. He was willing to sit down with us and listen to what we wanted for our website and he came up with something that we are really happy with.

For us it is not just about the service he gave us, but it is also the service he is giving us after he has finished our website. He is always willing to help and l would highly recommend him again to anyone wanting to do anything with computers or technology."

Rodney Roberts



Ocean Road Realty

I can help you with...

At my core I love helping clients make the most out of their online presence, and here are just a few ways that I can, but feel free to drop me a line on my contact page to see what I can do for you.


Design Feedback
User Flow Testing
Website & Content Optimisation
SEO Consultations

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Visual Development
User Experience
Interface Design


Platform Migrations
New Store Creation
User Experience Testing
Platform Optimisation
App Integrations

Platforms I LOVE

Why I LOVE Webflow


I am a bit of a Webflow fanboy I love it that much.

Webflow makes it easy for me to build amazing websites for my clients, that not only look amazing, they are fast, and most importantly, easy for the client to edit after handover.

I love empowering my clients to make changes to their website and Webflow makes it easier then editing a Word doc.

Why I LOVE Shopify

(The all-in-one eCommerce platform)

Shopify is the gold standard when it comes to eCommerce and the only platform I recommend to clients wanting an easy to use but custimisable and scaleable platform.

Some of the worlds biggest brands use Shopify to power their online stores, so you know it has been put through the wringer and come out on top.

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